The MultiMedia Brochure

- one brochure for all platforms

Our statistics show that customers who use their MultiMedia Brochure both offline and online for one year get ten times as many readers. Additionally, the brochure can be viewed on all major browsers, smartphones and tablets. In other words, it is available to anyone, anywhere at any time.

New-Marina cut

2,500 printed brochures

- hand out
  • Direct and classic exposure
  • Perfect for one-to-one business
  • Included QR codes link to your website via smartphones and tablets
  • Choose between 3 different formats

Business brochure

- professional and classic
  • A4 portrait; standard or oversize format
  • More space for text and pictures
  • Enclose an A4 letter inside the brochure – fits into a C4 envelope


- the message in pictures
  • A4 landscape format
  • Visualization of company and products
  • Perfect for widescreen

Image brochure

- brand and identity
  • Square format
  • Big pictures, short text
  • Exclusive business card

QR Codes
- from print to web via smartphones and tablets

Quick Response codes enable instant website access when scanned by a  smartphone or tablet. QR codes can link to any web content that you want to share with the readers. We create the relevant QR codes for your brochure - free of cost.

Today, many people already have a QR-code scanning app on their smartphone or tablet. These apps can be downloaded for free.


WebView brochure

- publish
  • Full-screen online version for your website
  • The contact form provides high-quality leads
  • Via the WebView icon or link, all visitors have direct access to your brochure

MailView brochure

- distribute
  • Include the MailView link automatically in all company e-mail signatures
  • From all employees to all customers, suppliers, business partners and prospects

WallView brochure

- present
  • For big-screen and projector presentations at meetings
  • Automatic play function - perfect for trade exhibitions and other events
Social Media1

Social media

- release
  • Incorporated social media buttons in WebView and MailView - only three clicks to share the brochure
  • Distribution via close connections in professional and social networks - unlimited number of readers
  • An opportunity to kick-start social-media marketing professionally


- update
  • All photos from the brochure project
  • Ideal for updating the company website and marketing material
MySite 2.0

Delivered online on MySite

  • WebView
  • MailView
  • WallView
  • PhotoGallery
  • Videos

WebView, MailView and video are hosted in JS World Media's hosting center for a period of 12 months. JS World Media's professional hosting ensures fast and reliable services, supporting all major computers, smartphones and tablets.